A quantitative co-localization analysis of proteins based on confocal laser or optical microscopy images.
It is an essential tool for modern confocal microscopy and will facilitate researcher understanding of the dynamic interaction between proteins.
MICA is a high-throughput software, based on newly developed algorithms that can facilitate development of novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapy tools.
MICA supports simultaneous analysis of many images (2D and 3D) grouped according to dose or time. It uses proprietary algorithms to characterize and then quantify the co-localization between proteins and perform the analysis, evenly, on all groups and images. The statistical variability and significance of measurements between the groups is then assessed in a variety of analysis methods. Paper-ready output containing textual reports and colorful image galleries can then be created.

MICA’s Advantages

MICA has some unique advantages over other tools in the market:
• High throughput - the ability to conduct large scale experiment
• Measuring and comparing images in an accurate and objective manner
• Sophisticated analysis, using state of the art proprietary algorithms
• Extensive output capabilities, both textual and graphical

To download a copy of MICA’s white paper click here

Image Gallery: A screen shot from MICA, showing the image groups on the left and the respective gallery on the right.


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