CytoView creates tools for complex high-throughput analysis of molecular imaging for research and drug discovery
CytoView is dedicated to producing a technology which enables a better understanding of protein interactions through analysis and quantification of molecular imagery. Such understanding facilitates the development of novel diagnostic, prognostic and therapy tools.

MICA - Large Scale Experiment Capabilities for Molecular Imagery

MICA - A quantitative co-localization analysis of proteins based on confocal laser or optical microscopy images.
MICA utilizes a combination of cutting edge technologies for the complete automation of the co-localization process:
• Setup and definition of a biological experiment
• Automatic loading of images/channels
• Intense image processing
• Numerical and statistical evaluation of the results
• Paper-ready graphic presentation

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Co-Localization: Paraffin-embedded sections from breast biopsies were subjected to indirect IF staining with anti-human Met C28 (green) and pMet (Red). Fluorescent were acquired for each specimen by CLSM (a). Colocalized pixel values were defined by the red/green distribution (b) and reflected on the fluorescent images (c).


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